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She is not back to my office but she’s still hanging around Wall Street area… She must love the breeze coming from the seaport!
Besides this TV show, this past month I’ve seen a lot of movie shooting around the area. I’m glad it’s not only about Finance here.

Celebrating 50 years of civil rights Act in America.

Great way of celebrating diversity at Brooklyn Museum last night and these pic is capturing a good example of the diverse audience: rappers, rockers, adults, kids and elderly, students and me and the girls.
on the first Saturday of every month there is free entrance at Brooklyn Mueseum, it’s open until 11 and there are special exhibitions and shows. Temporary exhibitions this month inspired by Civil Rights Act anniversary and Feminism by Judy Chicago.

An outdoor bar with the view.

Today we finally had a spring day and took a nice walk during lunch break to the seaport. I have always walked by the mall at South Street Seaport but since now that area is all under construction and renovation, I decided to walk all along the river and realized there’s very good lunch spots with tons of benches and stools and vitamin D guaranteed!

Added in my list of best UES places to eat!

It’s not a typical UES place, it actually looks more like a Bklyn or LES place, I think i can say it’s the best lobster roll in New York. A friend introduced me to Luke’s Lobsters, it’s a small place on 81st street and 2nd Avenue launched by a guy obviously called Luke, :). He opened his business when still in high school and he buys 100% of his lobsters in Maine. 

The lobster roll tastes fresh and pure, no fatty sauces on top, served in a griddled New England split-top bun, with no filler. Since they taste so fresh, i made a little research on its website and was also happy to find out that they come only from Maine’s sustainable fishery, well known for their strict fishing regulations, and not from exhausted and polluted fisheries. The lobsters are picked up at the harbor, sealed and delivered straight to Lukes places in New York.

Check it out :) 

Tonight i had dinner there, enjoyed my roll, a Maine root soda and my book joined me for the little feast!

New York is the only place where a huge rat caring about environmental issue is hanging around out in the street while a little bird is waiting diligently right off the yellow line by the subway platform!

HI-Tech Cup Cakes

A new and innovative ATM machine opened in Upper East Side, Slide in your card, make your selection and get a little box with something sweet in it. you can buy up to 4 cup cakes in different flavors and they each come out in a little box. People waited in line for over 20 mins to get one during its first opening weekend. Last night I passed by to take a look at it, there was only a couple getting their after dinner dessert. Cup cakes are usually too sweet and fatty for my taste, unless they are vegan, but I’m actually curious to try these too!

Allan Wexler, Breaking Grounds.

What to do in New York on a rainy saturday? a relaxing stop for a brioche and Cafe au Lait at Ceci Cela on Spring Street and a visit in one of the art galleries opening in the weekend. This one was on Mercer Street. The artist has been involved in the field of architecture, design and fine art for many years and teaches at the New School of Design. His works are installations, sculptures and drawings about our daily rituals like dining, sleeping, bathing.. they are hand worked photo based on prints and installed on wood panels.

The rainy day ended with a warm and filling Vietnamese soup in the nearest Chinatown! Yummi :-)

Le Petit Prince is a book of an explorer and a traveller in search of understanding and friendship, a book rich with love and compassion. 

A lot of people know that it’s the most sold French book of all times but what not everyone knows is that it was originally published in New York. 

The French author Saint-Exupery left France during the World War, he arrived in New York with a stack of manuscripts and drawings and he was given the opportunity to see his story finally published for the first time.

There’s a lot of very strong feelings about New York: people love it, people hate it, sometimes myself too: i feel the good energy, the vibe of the city, sometimes i feel overwhelmed and i think that Im done with it. There is no doubt though that New York has given the opportunity to a lot of people to see their dreams come true, their business succeed, their careers develop and this is what happened to this nice little book that has a lot to teach to young and adults.

The Morgan Library museum hosts this exhibition made by a collection of old editions, sketches, drawings made by the author until mid April.

Where should I start from? Picking up medications in the USA seems so complicated..

This pic is showing the result of 15 mins sitting in a doctors office: 1 hour waiting time at CVS (thank God it’s a 24/7!) and a bag full of chemicals! It was actually bigger than my grocery shopping bag.. and more expensive.
The only thing I still don’t understand about these American pharmacy experiences is how these computers actually work in the pharmacies or how they make it work?!. For instance why a medication can cost over $100 at a certain moment and after one hour becoming available for $10! It’s not the first time.. American misteries… Also a reminder for all: never forget to bring your insurance card, your prescription drug card, your pharmacy fidelity card, your flexible spending card and all the coupons you can get from the doctor, the more the better…

When your office turns into a movie set.

This morning I went to work and found myself working in another company. The Company name is Aeronautics, and it’s been operating only for one day.. This typically happens in New York: my office was picked for a movie shooting, since we are lucky to have a wonderful view of the Brooklyn Bridge. the shooting was for a new tv show called Elementary and Lucy Liu was one of the main actors. It’s impressive how many people and equipment entails a day of movie shooting… and how much food too. Lucy Liu walked around the office, besides being beautiful, she was very friendly with everyone, I actually almost ran into her in the ladies room!

New Yorkers love animals and everything that surrounds them..

Bembe in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn

Diverse evening at this cool place in Williamsburg last night made with Caribbean sounds, percussions and percussionists, massive crowd, Latin dancing, hip shaking, coconut drinks and high temperatures. My feet hurt today and I skipped my Pilates class! Mucho movimento last noche

Yesterday I took a nice afternoon walk in Alphabet City, it’s the eastern park of East Village, i think it was the first time exploring the area during day light. there’s a lot of antique store, vintage stores, small restaurants. I went to check out a photography gallery on 9th Street inside a book store called Ed. Varie, expecting to find Italians,.. Apparently the place is called by coincidence that way. There were a lot of guys taking pictures of these pictures hanging on the wall.. lots of naked women, lol. Funny. Guys were distributing beers, was interesting. Afterwords I had tacos, a Guinness that was due since this past week was St. Patricks Day and a carrot cake at Yaffa Cafe to complete the night. I like Upper East Side, but East Village is an area I would like to live.

No comment needed.

Best in New York.

I love Wholefoods.

I have never noticed they have a grinder for making fresh pure peanut butter. Awesome.